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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is simple; we want to see organizations within Eastern Africa win!

We empower global firms to uncover customer value and thrive in the region through unbeatable strategies, unwavering compliance and good governance.

We seek to empower homegrown technology companies grow to their global potential by developing effective go-to-market and commercialization strategies that deliver customer and shareholder value.

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Andrew Waititu

Our founder and Managing Partner, Andrew Waititu has had an exciting, highly exposed career with over 25 years’ experience building shareholder value in the Middle East & African region and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science as well as a Master of Business Administration both from University of Liverpool.


His passion for Africa has seen him hold several leadership roles across the continent, starting at IBM, before proceeding to Microsoft, SAP and General Electric. A highly-regarded professional, Andrew’s focus on the use of ICT to drive industry and change in Africa have seen him sit on various advisory boards; he has served as the Vice-President of the Kenya chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce and the Vice Chair of the ICT sector committee of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), the apex private sector body in Kenya. 

Andrew is further involved in growing the next crop of successful local organizations through participating in advisory roles of several SMEs in the region. This has given him unique insights into the challenges faced by organizations in emerging markets.

Andrew is driven by a belief that intellectual property and locally developed solutions will form a major pillar in drawing Africa into the 21st Century, breaking away from the shackles of low-value exports and extractives on the continent.

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