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There are plenty of reasons why global firms are intent on exploring Eastern Africa as a new market; the main reason being that its opportunities for growth are undeniable.


Our goal is to help global IT firms invest and grow in Africa with confidence by providing tangible advice on market entry strategies, participating at all levels in the development of execution plans while helping them uncover customer value and shareholder returns.

We believe technology-based intellectual property will form a major pillar in drawing Africa into the 21st century, breaking away from the shackles of low-value exports and extractives on the continent.

As a global IT firm with sights set on Eastern Africa, we will advise you on how to navigate the complexities within the region and implement your strategy in a way that will resonate with the local target market while achieving your firm’s objectives.

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Technology has played a huge role in positively transforming the healthcare industry around the world. From ways of diagnosis to delivery of medication right to patients’ doorsteps, even in the most remote areas.


Our goal is to extend the use of ICT as a key pillar in solving everyday challenges in Africa and thus far, we have been involved in the execution of transformative healthcare projects throughout the region.

If you are a global company and are looking into extending your services into the Eastern Africa region, we seek to understand your solutions and how these tap into the unique market needs of Africa. We then align your goals and aspirations with the reality on the ground to ascertain accurate expectations are set while challenging the status quo.

We walk with you through the process, providing expert advice and services to help you land your strategy, build capability, develop structures as well as business processes and fulfill your organizational and shareholder goals.
Ultimately, we work towards ensuring sustainable business models are created that provide maximum impact to the communities in the region

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Innovation has steadily been on the rise in Eastern Africa and with it, the number of start-ups attracting investment has increased.


VUKA was created to enable Kenyan start-ups grow and eventually go global, VUKA addresses commercialization strategy development primarily focused on established tech startups that have ideally secured first round funding. This unique product is focused on helping them commercialize their products and ensure a positive return on investment dollars to equity partners and shareholders.

VUKA involves all or specific parts of the following areas of engagement:


  • Product review and positioning

  • Sales team establishment and enablement.

  • Internal sales processes, tools creation and alignment to organisational goals.

  • Ongoing support and engagement to drive adoption and increase probability of success.


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